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January 12, 2018  

Ep. 26 - Nerdstalking gets Milked by ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’

January 12, 2018



Listen as Bill and Chad milk everything they can out of their breakdown of the go-nowhere middle episode of the current Star Wars trilogy. We also give our thoughts on the brutally excellent The Punisher Netflix series. *SPOILERS INSIDE, AND NO LOUNGING SEA CREATURES WERE ACTUALLY MILKED IN THE MAKING OF THIS EPISODE.

Show Notes:
01:00 - The start of our discussion of Netflix's The Punisher.
04:55 - Shocking revelations about Punisher actor Jon Bernthal.
30:44 - The start of our discussion on The Last Jedi.
46:48 - A useless scene: Finn and Rose at the Cantina er I mean Casino.
56:13 - The singularly strangest scene in any Star Wars movie.
1:06:24 - Jokes that would have been rejected for a Marvel movie, put into a Star Wars movie.
1:16:32 - To be fair, a couple of not-so-lame jokes from The Last Jedi.
Thanks for listening!
The Punisher trailer - 
The Last Jedi trailer - 
Nerdstalking's funny video take on the Luke Milking scene from TLJ - 


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