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September 18, 2017  

Ep. 22 - ‘IT’ Review

September 18, 2017
Where we descend into the sewers to examine the 2017 film adaptation of Stephen King's magnum opus horror novel IT. We also dust off the grime of the Austrailian Outback as we recount our time on the Aquaman set where we traded beard grooming tips with Jason Mamoa, puzzle over the value of a non-canonical Joker movie possibly starring Leo DiCaprio as the Clown Prince of Crime, and Chad revels us with the backstory of Deadpool's buddy Cable in a new segment called Bullshit Origin Stories, among other news. 
Show Notes:
02:06 - Nerdly News: Nerdstalking visits the Aquaman set, non-canon Joker film, Deadpool 2, etc.
10:57Bullshit Origin Story: Cable
16:53 - Game of Thrones season 7.
26:04 - Start of our conversation on IT.
29:03 - How the movie misses what the story of IT really is.
35:00 - Two good actors in IT.
37:41 - Just a series of jump scares.
41:29 - A wider discussion of King's works.
45:06 - We talk about John Irving books.
55:17The Conjuring movies compared to IT.
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