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April 5, 2018  

Ep. 34 - ‘Ready Player One’ Review, Part 1

April 5, 2018



Ready Player One is so stuffed with pop-culture references, and our derision so strong for this hollow exercise, we can't even fit our review into one Nerdstalking episode! Log in and listen to Part. 1 of our review as we slag director Steven Spielberg for not understanding video games, knock the world-building of the film as being as shaky as the Stacks, and lament about the lack of heart in the film, among other complaints. And you might even find a couple of positive comments in here too; consider them the Easter eggs you have to search for. As usual here at Nerdstalking, we give the movie a thorough going over and dive deep into what it is and what it means, so also be on the search for MANY, MANY SPOILERS!

Show Notes:
01:19 - Will they start patching movies next?
03:37 - Steven Spielberg: out of touch.
05:59 - Bill's favourite line of the movie.
07:33 - The real problem with video games these days.
11:27 - A case study in better world-building: Alexander Payne's Downsizing.
19:58 - Would the kids of this near-future give a shit about all this retro stuff?
29:31 - Missing in action: any character arcs.
36:13 - The movie lacks a solid heart.
41:51 - So much exposition!
43:24 - The best part of the movie: the Shining sequence.
Thanks for listening! Tune in next week for the conclusion!
Trailer for Ready Player One:
A video detailing 138 different pop-culture references in the movie:
Author of the novel, Ernest Cline, reveals every video game reference in the book:


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