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February 8, 2018  

Ep. 27 - ‘Black Panther’ is Coming, But is Gal Gadot Tall Enough?

February 8, 2018



Chad and Bill examine the trailer for Marvel's Black Panther, and find it wanting. Bill also ponders the Amazonian (or not) nature of Wonder Woman Gal Gadot, we dwell on next year's Captain Marvel, and other pressing topics. 

Show Notes:
00:00 - Intro, and we go right into our breakdown of the Black Panther trailer.
15:25 - The beginning of our thoughts on leaked set pictures of Brie Larson as Captain Marvel, as well as Chad sets up some comic book context for the character.
16:02 - Is Gal Gadot tall enough to be Wonder Woman?
23:40 - Chad gives a run-down on Fox's post-apocolyptic sit-com The Last Man on Earth.
26:10 - More Captain Marvel talk.
30:30 - We ponder what terrible thing Mark Hamill must have done to Rian Johnson to make the director force him to milk a sea cow in Star Wars: The Last Jedi.
33:46 - What in the Hell is cryptocurrency?
36:55 - After what Donald Trump would no doubt describe as a "fake sign-off", we really do sign off.

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